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Давате ли пари за музика?
Давате ли пари за музика?
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Новата играчка (СНИМКИ)


Coctail Audio X40 - последният и най-висок модел музикален сървър с DSD опция.

Ето какво може според сайта на компанията:

Premium DSD DXD Audio DAC featuring native DSD file direct playback,
Music Server with database, CD Ripper, Network Streamer
• Playback of DSD64 (2.8224MHz), DSD128 (5.6448MHz), DXD (24bit/352.8KHz), PCM signal up to 32bit/384KHz including
24bit/192KHz WAV/FLAC and full range of hi-res audio file formats
• ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference DAC built-in
• XMOS 32Bit/500MIPS digital signal processing unit
• Phono INPUT (Moving Magnet) for turntable
• Load your vinyl and cassette tape collections to the X40 in 192kHz sample rate
• Music Streaming Services like Qobuz, Simfy and Internet Radio.
• UPnP Media Server & Renderer for streaming playback and control remotely via network.
• 5 inch full color TFT LCD for intuitive GUI
• HDMI Out connector for using an external screen like TV as its GUI screen
• Supports up to 3.5" SATA hard disk 4TB, 2.5" hard disk and SSD
• Toroidal transformer minimizing idle noise
• FM Radio Tuner built-in
• Recording with hi-res 24bit/192KHz sample rate
• Provides the customized Web Interface(WebUI) for remote control and MusicDB management
• Works with various free apps available at app stores
• Rugged chassis construction with 12mm thickness aluminum front
• Versatile software functionalities

Това казва фирмата. Ние ще видим как стоят нещата в действителност.

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